Heidelberg the oldest university city in Germany

Some cities you sometimes have to get used to or you have to look for the nice places. This is not the case in Heidelberg. You can see Heidelberg as a textbook example of what a city should look like. The castle ruins (colored red) and built stoutly against a hill, an old stone bridge with characteristic towers. Beautiful stately villas and beautiful apartment buildings can be seen on the other side of the river Neckar.


Narrow cobblestone streets with old houses with characteristic paintings.


The Altstadt Heidelberg is the historic center of Heidelberg on the Neckar and is located between the castle built on the hill and the old stone bridge. Because it is sandwiched between the hills, the Altstadt is not surrounded by modern buildings and you imagine yourself back in the past.


The Altstadt is full of beautiful old buildings such as De Hexenturm, which belongs to the library built in red bricks, the birthplace of Germanys first president, Friedrich Ebert.


In short, a city that you must see.