Mannheim, from fishing village to big city.

Mannheim is first mentioned in 766. At that time it was nothing more than a small fishing village along the Rhine. However, this changed when Elector Frederik IV had a settlement built there in 1606. Streets were laid out in the pattern of a chessboard, which is why the city owes its nickname Quadratenstadt.

Carl Benz developed the first car here in 1885.

This is clearly visible when you approach the city from the direction of Heidelberg. Special workshops for this evocative car brand loom to your left.

Several museums, including the Reiss-Engelhorn museum, are definitely worth a visit. A must for children is the Planetarium.

The Wasserturm (The face of the city) is also definitely worth a visit, this wasserturm is the symbol of the city.

Mannheim also has one of the largest Baroque castle in Germany and is well worth a visit.

A visit to the Holocaust memorial and the beautiful Luisenpark is also highly recommended.

You can shop to your hearts content in Mannheim. Mannheim is intersected by an East-West axis, this street is called De Planken. At the point where De Planken crosses the North-South axis is Paradeplatz, Mannheims central square.

Mannheim really worth a visit.